Sunday, August 30, 2009



untuk semua kwn2,
good luck for PSM proposal presentation this wednesday,
all the best okeh!

ni yang miss aini pesan lalu memo..saja nk pjg kan isi kandungan blog..ehe~

1. The seminar starts at 2.00p.m; you must come to the seminar room earlier to set up the LCD projector and also the computer.

2. You are not allowed to leave the seminar room until the seminar ended. (ATTENDANCE WILL BE TAKEN 2 TIMES; i.e: seminarĂ½s start and seminarĂ½s end)

3. You must hand over a hard copy of your slide to all panels.

4. Make sure you to bring along your logbook during the seminar as you need to write down all comments from panels for any correction on your proposal report.

hehe ;)
prepare baek2 yer kwn2 semua..

lots of luv..
Adila Zulkepa

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