Friday, March 13, 2009


hm.. myb da ade yg pnh tbace or dgr psal frenship nie, tp xpela.. ak post gak la k.. mnmbahkn entry kt nie.. heheheh

A - accept u 4 who u r
B - believes in u
C - call u just 2 say hi
D - doesn't give up on u
E - envisions the whole u
F - forgives ur mistake
G - gives unconditionally
H - helps u
I - invites u over
J - just like 2 b wit u
K - keep u close 2 heart
L - luvs u 4 who u r
M - makes a different in ur life
N - never judge u
O - offers support
P - picks u up when u down
Q - quites ur tears
R - respects u
S - says nice thing when u need 2 hear it
T - tries 2 owes makes u smile
U - understand u
V - valuses u
X - gives u a lots of XXXX's
Y - yells when u need 2 listen
Z - zaps u back 2 reality

f.r.e.n.s.h.i.p.4.e.v.a. =)


  1. ehh..ak lampi sket..ape kaitn ABC dgn frenshp??explain sket...huhu

  2. haha..

    sm la arep..ak pn br nak tny sokln same..


  3. alaaaa..
    tjuk dia pjg lg.. tp ak mls la nk taip pjg2..